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400 and Counting

We slipped over the 400 mark without even noticing! It was a slow Summer around here, but things are about to pick up again. New features are lined, which means we will be experiencing some construction around site in the… Continue Reading →

And we are back..!

After a much needed mini-vacation we’re back! Stack of catalogs have been scanned and a three page, single-spaced list of clothing pieces to list has been complied for the rest of Summer…? Sounds reasonable. My goodness, there is a lot… Continue Reading →

Milestone: 300 Entries!

Milestone reached: 300 listings! We ambitiously hoped for 500 by June, but with holidays, weddings, festivals and May-madness (sure, it’s a thing!). We didn’t have the slow and steady pace of April working for us. More like listing marathons and… Continue Reading →

200 Entries!

Milestone reached: 200 archive entries! Entery #200 Anthropologie’s Dusk Dress was picked among our top 5 over-looked and forgotten pieces. With its sweeping chiffon skirt and metallic accents, we thought it was over-due for a little time in the spotlight…. Continue Reading →

100 Posts!

Milestone reached: 100 archive entries! I hoped that we would reach the 100 mark sometime this week. I had no idea it would be on Tuesday (ie. my least productive day of the week), but a dark stormy night and… Continue Reading →

First 50!

We reached our first milestone: 50 entries! #50 is a personal favorite: The Castle Grounds Dress. I bought this dress back in 2007 and it is still my absolute favorite, go-to summer date night dress: simple, elegant and incredibly comfortable…. Continue Reading →

Up and Running!

Well, we are 28 hours up and running. Ok more like a slow jog, but it is happening. We have about 220 pieces selected and ready to be turned into entries. Seeing the front page populate with images over the… Continue Reading →

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