How can I buy this skirt/dress/sweater/jacket?

This site is an archive. A place of reference. As all of the pieces listed here are pre 2010, resale venues are your best bet to find these pieces . We hope that the information provided here can help you track down your favorite piece. We will be soon adding a new section to the site called “Spotted”, where we will be posting ebay, tradsey, shopify, and other resale venues’ listings we find of pieces listed in the Archive.

Will you be adding every piece ever made?

Doubtful, but who knows? At this point in time, we are working through a very, very long list of our Anthropologie favorites. We are limiting the site to pre-2010 clothing only – no accessories, shoes, housewares, etc – at this point in time.

Why are there no recent pieces listed?

We are focusing on older Anthropologie clothing as our aim is to help people find information about pieces that are no longer available in-store or online.

Why are there so many brands when we are talking Anthropologie?

Anthropologie offers a wide selection of clothing from various sources. Most of their clothing is designed and produced in-house (aka “house brands”). Sometimes they offer clothing from other designers. Some of these pieces are exclusive to Anthropologie, others especially in the case of denim are not.

What the heck are “Guest Brands”?

Any non-Anthropologie produced brands that we’ve featured on this site. We wanted to clearly differentiate between in-house Anthropologie brands (sorted under the Brand heading) and non-Anthropologie produced brands that have been sold by Anthropologie.

Hey you guys got the year/brand/name wrong!?
If we made a mistake or you come across an entry with information missing, please let us know either by posting to the entry or using the contact us form.

Can you help me identify a piece of Anthropologie clothing I own?

This is something we hope to start doing in the near future. Either in a weekly featured post or in a subsection of unidentified pieces. We have a few pieces in our own closets we’ve yet to identify and hope that you can share your knowledge with us too! 🙂

Can you tell me if a piece I saw on ebay/etsy/Tradesy/etc is really Anthropologie?

Mainly we hope that we can help you learn to tell the difference and clear up some of the misinformation floating around about Anthropologie brands. We have several guides in the works related to this topic.

Will I be able to save my favorite pieces?

Someday we hope to add user accounts where you can create your save and share your own collection of favorite pieces. In the meantime, we are huge fans of Pinterest which is a great place to save and share you favorites.